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Planning your wedding doesn't have to be stressful!

When couples first think of planning their wedding, they may initially expect it to be a stressful time. And while planning something so important can definitely cause more stress than say, planning a small birthday dinner, wedding planning need not be overwhelming!

We here at Toledo Limousine understand that you will meticulously plan each detail of your wedding day, which includes choosing your vendors. This can be a daunting task. We have compiled a list of helpful tips for wedding planning that we hope you will find helpful during your planning process!

Choose your vendors carefully

One of the most important things you must do before choosing a vendor, of any kind, is to research, research, research. Talk to the vendor and ask questions. Be sure you're going into business with someone who has the product you're looking for. For example: Do you have a very specific list of songs you want played at your wedding? Before choosing your band or DJ, be sure they have these songs available. Do you want a very intricate wedding cake? Don't place an order with a bakery until you've seen their work.


The venues for your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception are among the first things you'll want to book. Consider if you'll have them at the same location or two separate locations. On this note, consider your time line - will guests go directly from the ceremony to the reception? Or will you have a family member host a cocktail hour at home for guests while the wedding party goes for photos? Consider these factors and book your venues for the appropriate times. While you're budget will play a big roll in what you choose, don't go booking at the cheapest venue you find (unless it will meet all your needs).

Be sure to visit several locations and consider if the venue will accommodate your number of guests; do they offer the services you'll want for your reception (such as waiter service or if they have a liquor license); will the d├ęcor/theme you're planning work at the venue? Ideally, you'll find a location that has everything you're looking for and fits into your budget.

Photographers and Videographers

Choosing a photographer and/or videographer for your wedding may seem simple enough, but we still advise focusing on details, doing your researching, and meeting with potential vendors. Consider how many photos you want - do you want to capture everything from the rehearsal dinner through the end of the reception? Or do you want only photos of the ceremony itself and perhaps a few photos after? What style of photos would you like? How long after the wedding day will it take to receive the photos? Convey what it is you want to the photographers, perhaps via phone and then, if they seem like a good candidate, set up a meeting and ask to see samples of their work before you hire.

Weddings DJs and Bands

Another task that you must research, research, research. We've heard all types of DJ horror stories from the DJs who talk too much (or have a sense of humor too crude for a wedding), the DJs who play the music far too loud, or just doesn't transition between songs very well. You want your DJ or band to be able to play the specific songs you' want as well as play a mix t please the crowd. You also want them to transition well between songs. Research local DJs and bands and, again, meet with them to see if they're a compatible vendor for your event.

Wedding Caterers and Bakeries

Your wedding food and wedding cake are a big deal. Not only will you want to find out if the caterer offers food options you want (ask to see copies of their menus and set up a time to sample some of the dishes) but you'll want to ask what sort of other services they provide, such as table settings (note, if you're doing a lot of DIY, don't worry about this). Are they licensed? Do they meet health code standards? Do they have a liquor license? Ask all of these questions and anything else you're concerned about!

Choosing your dessert can be fun. Do you want a traditional multi-tiered cake? Mini cakes? Cupcakes? If you're unsure of which you want, consider the ups and downs - cupcakes or mini cakes allow couples to have more variety and makes serving sizes much easier. Regardless of whether you're choosing to serve a traditional cake, mini cakes, or cup cakes, research your bakers. Do they offer what you're looking for? Communicate what you want your cake to look like. Ask to see and taste samples of their work. Can this baker meet your expectations? Your wedding cake is an important part of your wedding, so choose wisely!

Wedding Florists

From your wedding bouquet to your floral centerpieces, you'll depend on your florist quite a bit. It surely helps if you know just what you want, whether it be a traditional bouquet or an alternative. There are many alternatives to classic floral arrangements including paper flowers, crochet or knitted flowers, and even brooch bouquets. Or perhaps a classic floral bouquet with brooch accents. If you're unsure of exactly what you want, describe as much as you can to the florist and they should be able to create something to your tastes. Check samples of the florists' work and if you do have a particular flower in mind, see if they have access to it (particularly if you're looking for exotic plants that will need to be special ordered).


This part is our favorite! As we've mentioned elsewhere on our site, you need to find a company who is reliable, provides top-quality service, and is, of course, affordable. What you don't want is a company who will charge exorbitant fees and sub-par customer service or provides a less than stellar vehicles. You also don't want a company who gives you a too-good-to-be-true price, which often times means they'll tag on crazy hight fees at the last minute or they simply never show up to provide service! Fortunately, there's us, Toledo Limousine, to put all those worries away! Our service is top-notch, our vehicles are amazing, and our prices are affordable! Our affordable rates never have any hidden fees and things like unlimited stops and mileage are included! Contact us any time day or night with questions or to book your rental!