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School dances with Toledo Limousine!

Parents, you know how important prom and homecoming dances are to your high school student; they're the social events of the year! We know you want them to enjoy themselves, but that you want to make sure they stay safe, which is sometimes hard to do when they're off in a car with a teen driver. But with Toledo Limousine, you can feel confident in knowing your child and their friends are in the best possible care!

When you choose Toledo Limousine you'll providing your child with a super luxurious ride to and from the dance - something they're sure to be excited about! But you're also keeping them safe! Toledo Limousine has the best safety policies when it comes to transporting your kids. To start, we have only the finest chauffeurs, all of whom have passed rigorous background checks and received extensive safety training - our drivers are the best on the road! We also only accept itinerary from you, the parent. Don't want your kid going to a certain place during the course of the evening? Don't worry, we won't take them anywhere you haven't given permission for them to be. We also have zero tolerance for any drugs or alcohol on board, so you wont have to worry about anyone sneaking anything onto the bus. You can rest assured that with Toledo Limousine, your kids will enjoy a luxurious evening and be safe while doing so.

Call us today to get your quote for school dance rentals and to learn more about our policies!